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Tour Code: CT-PT25D-A
Silk Road Adventure & Luxury Yangtze Cruise, 25 Days
25 days 24 nights: Beijing 3nights +Urumqi 2nights +Dunhuang 1night +Jiayuguan 1night+Lanzhou 2nights +Xian 3 nights +Chengdu 2nights+Emei 1night+Jiuzhaigou 2nights +4 nights on YangtzeCruise+Shanghai 3nights
Super Value Private Tour Package ! No others will join in you !

This is a tailor-made colorful fantasy trip in China !

First of all, you will stay in the heart of China - Beijing; we will be in the whole trip for you to arrange the most local characteristics tourism projects and food. You don't need to worry about any problems such as accommodation, traffic, route during this tour; all you need to do is take your bag and enjoy it.

Xian was once the economic, political and cultural centre of China nation, an ancient international metropolitan that drew visitors and businessman and scholars all over the world to here, it is also widely known to the world as the birthplace of the terra-cotta army.
The splendid Chengdu city is renowned for its fertile land and agricultural wealth.It is the capital of Sichuan province and the center of its economy culture ,politics and information. With many images, Chengdu is a colorful and charming city. City of brocade,city of leisure and Eden of the east are several of its widely spread names. Panda Base, Leshan Giant Buddha and Emei Mountain would definitely leave you an unforgettable impression.

Must not miss the most famous silk road ! on to the nobles, down to a beggar prisoners, have been on this road left his footprint. You will follow the ancients footprints left behind by browsing this mysterious land in China. The road goes to the east and the west,it makes the central plains, the western regions and the Arab, Persian gulf closely linked together. You will feel part of China's most ancient civilization and customs.

After exploring the magical desert, grassland landscape, you will appreciate the Chinese fantastic land of hilly and basin. Appreciate the mountain and river which is like a Chinese ink painting. 5 star Cruise along the Yangtze River for 4 nights, finally, from the wild and ancient world back to the modern city of China - Shanghai !

You will find that in just 25 days journey, you have already visited most of the Chinese land.-By Tour Operator: Blake

Day 01 Arrive in Beijing
Welcome to the capital of China-Beijing ! We will meet you at the exit of terminal at capital airport ( or train station) and transfer you to hotel with downtown location.
Optional Program: Acrobatic Show
After dinner, if you like, you can enjoy the famous Beijing Acrobatic Show tonight in Chaoyang theatre, enjoy an evening of gravity-defying contortionism, juggling, unicycle, chair-stacking and plate-spinning acts, plus a whole lot more! Transfer you back to your hotel after the show.
Day 02 Beijing (B.L)
Pick you up from hotel in the morning.Enjoy a full day excursion. Walk on the mighty Great Wall today---- Mutianyu that is less crowded than Badaling section, Mutianyu Great Wall is known for its beautiful surroundings - dense woods and rich pastures changing colors with the seasons of a year. If you are lucky, you could also have chance to enjoy the grand sea of clouds as you can find in Huangshan Mountain. This section of the Great Wall is about 75 KM from the center of Beijing. As one of the best-preserved parts of the Great Wall, Mutianyu section of Great Wall used to serve as the northern barrier defending the capital and the imperial will visit at least 2 hours. Before having lunch, you will have 40 minutes for a short visit of Jade Carving factory. The jade carving is a famous special Chinese product, a blend of the excellent skill on carving and Chinese traditional cultures. Then visit the beautiful Summer Palace, the largest and most beautiful Chinese imperial garden. It is regarded as a museum of gardens in China. see the exterior sightseeing of Olympic Stadium"Bird's Nest" and "Water Cube". Transfer you back to your hotel after tour.
Day 03 Beijing(B.L)
Today you will tour Tian'anmen Square with its plentitude of monuments testifying to the communist, and more specifically, Mao's influence on China's modern history. From there you will proceed to the Forbidden City, the largest and best-preserved ancient imperial palaces group with 500 years history in the world. Visit the Forbidden City along the central axis from south to north for 2 hours. you will visit the hall of supreme harmony, the meridian gate, the hall of supreme harmony, the hall of complete harmony, the hall of preserving harmony, the huge of stone carving, Palace of Heavenly Purity, the Palace of Earthly Tranquility, The Hall of Union and Peace and the imperial garden, etc.Then Beijing Hutong Tour by rickshaw. You will visit the typical Chinese quadrangles, primary school, many famous old buildings around Shichahai area,where you can explore the real life of ordinary people in Beijing. Drop off the rickshaw at the Yinding Bridge(Silver Ingot Bridge) and walk along the 800-year old Yandai Xiejie (Tobacco Pipe Lean Street), You will have lunch in local folks' house-Siheyuan. Then visit Drum Tower, overlooking the old Beijing city! On the way to Temple of Heaven, you will have a chance to visit the Chinese traditional medicine culture. After having a short rest, we'll visit the Temple of Heaven -- the largest ancient imperial worship architecture group in the world where the ancient Emperors prayed for peace and harvest. The visit to Temple of Heaven takes about 1 hour. you will visit the hall of prayer for good harvest, red stairway bridge, the imperial vault of heaven, echo wall, triple sound stone and the circular mound altar, etc Transfer you back to your hotel after tour.
Day 04 Beijing/Urumqi by air (B)

Transfer you to capital airport, you will fly to Urumqi, 4 hours air trip, you will be met at Urumqi airport and transferred to hotel in Urumqi downtown.

Day 05 Turpan (B.L)
After breakfast, your tour guide will pick you up at the lobby of hotel, drive to the lowest part in China -"Fire State" Turpan for about 3hours. You will never miss seeing the Grape Valley in Turpan since it is the place that produces about 80 percent grape in China! Visit the Karez System that has brought water and life to Turpan. This system has played an important role in the daily life and agriculture production of the local residents by drawing the underground water up. There is a popular saying: Grapes in Turpan and Melons in Hami are the best on the land. Then drive to Flaming Mountain, Odd geological feature north of Turpan. It forms the northern boundary of the Turpan Depression that is the second or third lowest point on the planet. It has a lot of ancient sites related to the Silk Road era and even older Indo-European Gushi people cemeteries.You can find among the best fruit and grapes in China on it. Ancient City of Jiaohe followed, Jiaohe distinguishes itself from other ancient cities owing to three features. First, it had only two city gates, the South and East Gates. The main South Gate vanished long ago, leaving a huge breach. The East Gate cut by the cliff was virtually non-existent. Second, the city faces cliffs on three sides, so there are no city walls commonly seen in other ancient cities. Third, all the buildings were dug from earth, and wood was rarely used. When you pay a visit to local Uyghur family, you will love to sit under the thick shade of the grape vine and try some fresh grape! Then visit the Emin Minaret that was built in 1778. It is an exquisite Islamic pagoda built with totally cinereous bricks and it is also the biggest ancient mosque in Turpan. Emin Minerat is called as Sugong pagoda as well, that was ordered to be built by a Turpan governor with 7000 silver dollars, also a famous general in Qing Dynasty (1616-1912), to express his gratitude to the Dynasty's favor with his personal development and sincerity to his god Allah. His life achievement has been passed down with the pagoda as time passes by. Transfer you back to hotel in Urumqi after tour.
Day 06 Urumqi/Dunhuang by overnight train (B.L)

After breakfast, drive to the Heavenly Lake for about 1.5hours. It is legendarily said that the Heavenly Lake was once the bath tub of the Heavenly Queen Mother. The lake is hugged by firs and the ice-covered Tianshan Mountain(UNESCO) with clear water, forming enchanted natural scenery. If you like, you can hike into the woods and enjoy the fresh air freely. You can also take a boat-trip around the lake and blend yourself into the beauty of the water and mountain. After your lunch, drive back to the city and visit The Erdaoqiao International Bazaar. It is the biggest bazaar in the world combining Islamic culture, construction and national trades. Titled as "Xinjiang's Window", "Middle Asia's Window" and "World's Window", International Bazaar assembles fabulous handicrafts, clothes and dry food of Uyghur features. You can choose some local specialties of good quality and price as presents for your family and friends there.
After tour, you will take the overnight train with soft berth to Dunhuang.

Day 07 Arrive in Dunhuang (B.L)

Your tour guide and driver will meet you at the exit of Liuyuan railway station, You will be met at Liuyuan train station in the morning! After 30 minutes drive, we will reach Dunhuang and visit the largest and richest one of the "Three Major Grottoes of China"- the Mogao Grottoes (UNESCO). There the researchers from Dunhuang School will introduce the grottoes for you personally. It has 492 caves of about 45000 square meters and with 2415 colorized statues, regarded as the existing grandest and richest Holy land of Buddhism art. Well known for its intricate fresco and statues globally, the Mogao Grottoes is also listed as the one of the world heritages by UNECO. Then reach the Crescent Spring by riding "the ship of the desert"-camel across the Mingsha Dune. Crescent Spring lies in the arms of the Mingsha Dune with a crescent like bank. Its existence is a magic without being covered by the dunes circled for hundreds of years. Besides, you will be impressed deeply by the beautiful sightseeing there extended in front of you with pavilions &railings, bumping dunes and clear spring in the centre of the boundless desert. Transfer you back to your hotel after tour.

Day 08 Jiayuguan (B.L.)

Drive to the "First Pass"--- the Jiayuguan Gate Tower where the Ming Great Wall started. The Jiayuguan Gate Tower is a systematic military defending building across the Gebi desert. On your way to the Pass, you can see the cultural and natural scenic spots such as Qiaowancheng relics, Yadan landforms, Beacon fire tower of the Han dynasty and so on. Then visit the Remanbar Factory. Grapes, Mellow wines and Remanbar are the most famous items that stand for the ancient silk-road. On your tour, you should never miss to have a close look at the Remanbar in the factory! And then you will visit the Great Wall Museum to know the history of the development of the Great Wall. The exhibition includes cultural relics, specimen essence unearthed from different districts along the Great Wall, detailed historic documents, photos and models. Hi-tech is applied to simulate the real warring situation on the Great Wall, increasing the visibility and enjoyment of the exhibition to the tourists. Transfer you back to your hotel after tour.

Day 09 Zhangye, Zhangye/Lanzhou by bullet train (B.L)
After breakfast, your tour guide will pick you up at the lobby of hotel, then drive to Zhangye in the morning, after arriving at Zhangye, first visit Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park Zhangye Danxia landform is China's only Danxia landform in high recombination with color hilly landscape. It is odd and special for hierarchical scattered levels, steep cliffs, rich forms, amazing colors, with a high ornamental value and important scientific value. It enjoys the honors of "China's top seven most beautiful Danxia landforms", "China's top six most beautiful exotic landforms" and "the world's top ten magical geographical wonders", and is a best place for tourism, painting, photography and science education. Then go to the THE GIANT BUDDHA TEMPLE in zhangye, As a national key cultural relic under protection of the state and national AAAA-tourist scenic zone, it's firstly built in the first year (1098) of Emperor Chongzong period of Western Xia Dynasty and occupies area of 30,000 square meters. With more than 20 ancient buildings, architecture area of 10,456 square meters, 530 square meters of murals and 46 clay sculptures, it collects 10,043 pieces of ancient calligraphy and paintings, ancient coins, Buddhist sutra, bronze, jade and wood wares and other precious cultural relics, among which 40 pieces are first-class, 33 pieces are second-class and 65 pieces are third-class. The only remaining religious hall of Western Xia minority Giant Buddha Hall, clay sculptured big lying Buddha with length of 34.5 meter in the hall and 5,985 volumes of first-carved and first-printed edition of Tripitaka are known as Three Treasures of the Giant Buddha Temple ---Giant Buddha Hall, Lying Buddha, and Golden Sutra,.

After tour, transfer you to train station directly, you will take bullet train to Lanzhou. (about 3 hours trip), you will be met at the exit of Lanzhou railway station, transferred to hotel in Lanzhou.

Day 10 Lanzhou (B.L)

After breakfast, your tour guide will pick you up at the lobby of hotel at 08:00am with your name sign, then we drive to Labrang Monastery, Xiahe, The Labrang Monastery is located at the foot of the Phoenix Mountain northwest of Xiahe County in Gannan Tibetan Nationality Autonomous Prefecture, Gansu Province. A propitious place in the hearts of the Tibetan, it stands by the Daxia River and faces the Dragon Mountain. The last spot is Sangke Prairie, Xiahe, Sangke Prairie lies about ten kilometres west of Xiahe County, Gansu province. It enjoys a good reputation in the northwest Tibetan district for its excellent pasture and frequent magnificent Buddhist ceremonies. Belonging to the meadow steppe and bordered by the Daxia River, Sangke prairie is at an elevation of 3000 meters (9843 feet) with an area of 70 square kilometres (27 square miles). Transfer you back to your hotel after tour.

Day 11 Lanzhou/Xian by air(B)

You will have your own activities in the morning, the you will take the afternoon flight to Xian, transferred to hotel in Xian. Optional Program: Tang Dynasty Dancing &Sing Show and Dumpling Banquet
After the day tour, if you like, we are pleased to arrange for you to enjoy Tang Dynasty Dancing &Sing Show and Dumpling Banquet, you'll treat your palate to a delectable banquet of 16 to 18 types of dumplings. The fillings of this delicious Chinese staple range from pork, chicken, mushroom and duck to egg, leek, carrot, lotus root and more. Try them steamed, baked and stir-fried! Your tour ends with another glimpse into the culture of Xi'an - a performance of the Tang Dynasty Dancing &Sing Show. As you are entertained by the combination of poetry, musical instruments, singing, dancing and stunning costumes, you'll learn a bit about China's history, arts, traditions and customs. Transfer you to the hotel after the show.
Day 12 Xian (B.L)
Your tour guide will pick you up at your hotel in the morning and set off to visit one of the eight world wonders and the most typical historic spot in Xian, The Museum of Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses and Qin Tombs , the tomb for the first emperor in Chinese history Qinshihuang.He began to build his own cemetery when he was just 13 years old and the construction took 38 years. Then you will have a chance to visit the Terra-Cotta Warriors Copy Factory. then have lunch in local foreign restaurant.then visit Banpo Neolithic Village, the first museum showing the prehistorical relics in China. it presents the matriarchal society of Banpo(Neolithic people) 6,000 years ago. then visit Big Wild Goose Pagoda - It has 7 storeys with a height of 64.5meters. it was original used to store Buddhism Books brought in by Xuanzang from India in Tang Dynasty(618-907A.D.) Transfer you back to your hotel around 18:00
Day 13 Xian (B.L)
Your tour guide will pick you up at your hotel in the morning ,Today you will start your tour with The Museum of Shaan Xi Province History .Walking through the exhibits in the Shaanxi Provincial Museum is like walking through the history of the Silk Road. You begin with items from the Xia (2200-1700 B.C.) and move through history into the Ming and Qing dynasties. The collection from the Han through the Tang (618-907A.D.) and Song (960-1279A.D.) dynasties shows the changes of art and craftsmanship and the Ancient City Wall It is rectangle and was built based on the imperial city wall of Tang Dynasty more than 600years ago. It is the best -preserved ancient city wall in existence in china, then you will tour Bell Tower and Drum Tower----the landmarks of Xian(1 hour's visit). The streets of the Muslim's Quarter are great for shopping, eating and experiencing. Transfer you back to your hotel after tour.
Day 14 Xian/Chengdu by air, Chengdu (B.L)
Transfer you to the airport and you will fly to Chengdu, after arrival in Chengdu, visit Chengdu Research Center of Giant Panda Breeding. In this park-like base, you are sure to see many pandas at one time that you cannot realize in other places all over the world. Transfer you back to hotel after tour.
Day 15 Chengdu-Leshan-Mt.Emei(B.L)
Start from Chengdu by bus in the morning, sightseeing the beautiful rural scene of Chuanxi Plain. (2 hours distance on the expressway) Reach Leshan at noon. After lunch, sightseeing the statue of Giant Buddha which is the biggest of the world and Lingyun Temple. Then drive to Emei Mountain. Stay overnight at Mt. Emei.
Day 16 Emei-Chengdu (B.L)
Go to Golden Summit by cable car at around 6:00am, sightseeing the Golden summit and enjoy the Cloud Sea, Golden Temple Palace and Silver Palace. After that, leave for Wannian parking lot located in the waist of Mt. Emei by the pollution-free sightseeing bus and then take the cable car to Wannian monastery, sightseeing Qingying pavilion, a strip skyline, enjoy the beauty of Emei Mountain and monkey mountain, enjoying the pleasure of the coexistence of man and monkey. Then return to Chengdu.
Day 17 Chengdu/Jiuzhaigou by air, Jiuzhaigou (B.L)
Take the flight to Jiuzhaigou in the morning, be met by the tour guide at Jiuzhaigou airport, then visit Huanglong National Parkor Munigou valley in winter timewhich is famous for its calcified scenery, the Yellow dragon-like mountain slope, and the multi-colored pools. Go to Jiuzhaigou after sightseeing. Overnight: Jiuzhaigou.
Day 18 Jiuzhaigou (B.L)
Visit the three valleys of Jiuzhaigou, the highland lakes, the layered waterfalls and the primitive forest. Optional: Go to the Tibet and Qiang minority culture show in the evening (Extra RMB180-220 be paid by yourself). Overnight: Jiuzhaigou
Day 19 Jiuzhaigou/Chongqing by air & embark the cruise(B.L)
Transfer you to Huanglong airport in the morning, you will fly to Chongqing, get on board and start your Yangtze River Cruise.
Day 20 On Yangtze River Cruise (B.L.D)
Announcement on itinerary.Shore excursion to Fengdu City.
Participate activities on board.Sailing through the Qutang gorge.
Welcome Cocktail By Captain.Singing & Dancing Concert.
Day 21 On Yangtze River Cruise (B.L.D)
Sailing through the Wu gorge.Shore Excursion For Shennong Stream or mini three gorges.
Farewell Dinner.Singing & Dancing Concert.Pass the ship locks of the gorges dam.

Day 22 Yangtze River-Yichang & Yichang/Shanghai by air (B)
Shore Excursion for Three Gorges Dam.Sailing through the Xiling gorge.Arriving at Yichang, disembark the cruise.
After arrival in Yichang, you will fly to Shanghai. The driver will wait for you at the airport and transfer you to the hotel.
Day 23 Shanghai (B. L)
Your tour guide will pick you up from your hotel, visit Yu Yuan Garden, a great treasure of southchina gardening art. It used to be a private garden in Ming dynasty with a history of more than 400 years. Tour Shanghai Old Street Market, in this street, people will find the traditional Chinese buildings with white walls and black roofs. The people, the hanging red lanterns, the ancient memorial arch, all of these form into a picture that describe the old Shanghai, There are lots of famous Shanghai local snacks can be found in Chenghuangmiao Old Street. Both domestic and foreign travelers prefer to come here to have a Shanghai snack experience. Then visit the famous shanghai Bund, -A symbol of Shanghai. Also called "gallery of international architectures",it is a must for Shanghai Sightseeing. Standing around it, you will feel having coming a world city because there are all kinds of exotic buildings---Gothic Style, Roman Style, Baroque and so on. They are called World's Architecture Exhibition Complex. Then explore its unique East-meets-West legacy in the Old French Concession, where tree-lined streets, imposing villas, and Art Deco apartment blocks. Tianzifang is famous for tiny craft shops, coffee stores, fashionable art galleries and thin alleys. It has become a famous holiday location in Shanghai, and an instance of maintenance of local Shikumen buildings, with a few similarities to Xintiandi. You will have a chance to have a short visit to a China Tea House to enjoy tea ceremony. Then Oriental Pearl TV Tower (2nd Ball) Xin Tian Di. Transfer you to your hotel.
Day 24 Shanghai-Suzhou-Zhouzhuang Water Town-Shanghai(B, L)
After breakfast, your guide will pick you up from your hotel. You will be driven to visit Suzhou here you will visit Garden of the Master of the Nets one of the most famous gardens in Suzhou. It is a typical work for its artistic specialty and cultural values. Have a short visit to Suzhou No.1 Silk Factory. After lunch you will be drive to the Oriental Venice-Zhouzhuang Water Town. You will take a Rowing Boat, and visit the well-preserved local architectures. Afterwards, you will be driven back to Shanghai.
Day 25 Depart Shanghai for exit (B)
Transfer you to the airport from your hotel and finish your wonderful China tour!

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service package includes:

1. Private air-conditioned car/minivan/coach with driver
2. Private excellent knowledgeable English-Speaking tour guides
3. Entrance tickets and show tickets as list, including entry fee for Emei Mountain and Leshan giant Buddha & fee sightseeing bus on Emei Mountain and Wannian monastery, cable car on Golden Summit.
4. Meals as list
5. All airport and train station transfers.
6. Standard rooms in above hotels for 3 nights in Beijing, 2 nights in Urumqi,1 night in Dunhuang,1 night in Jiayuguan,2 nights in Lanzhou, 3 nights in Xian ,2 nights in Chengdu, 1 night in Emei, 2 nights in Jiuzhaigou, 3nights in Shanghai, including breakfast, tax and service fee.
7. 5-star Cruise on Yangtze River: standard rooms for 3 nights, based on 2 pax share one standard room, including full board.
8. All domestic flights-economic class: Beijing/Urumqi, Lanzhou/Xi'an, Xi'an/Chengdu, Chengdu/Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou/Chongqing, Yichang/Shanghai, including fuel tax and airport construction fee.
9. One way overnight train- soft class: Urumqi/Liuyuan, including booking service fee.
10.One way bullet train- soft cl
ass: Zhangye/Lanzhou, including booking service fee.

3 star Hotel = Holiday Inn Express Beijing Temple of Heaven or same level
4 star Hotel = Howard Johnson Paragon Hotel or same level
5 star Hotel = Park Plaza Beijing Wangfujing Hotel or same level

3-star: or same level
4-star:Tumaris Hotel Xianjiang or same level
5-star: Hoi Tak Hotel or same level
In Dunhuang,Jiayuguan,Lanzhou:
3/4/5 star hotel,hotel details will be based on your tour season

3 star Hotel = Xi'an Forest City Hotel or same level
4 star Hotel = Ramada Xi`an bell tower or same level
5 star Hotel = Sheraton Xian North City Hotel or same level
3 star Hotel = Hotel Ibis Chengdu Kehua or same level
4 star Hotel = Tianfu Sunshine Hotel or same level
5 star Hotel = Sheraton Chengdu Lido Hotel or same level
4 star Hotel =Emeishan Hot Spring Hotel or same level
5 star Hotel = Hongzhushan Hotel or same level
4 star Hotel = Qianhe International Hotel or same level
5 star Hotel = Sheraton Jiuzhaigou Resort or same level
3 star Hotel = Holiday Inn Express Shanghai Zhabei or same level
4 star Hotel = Golden River-view Hotel Shanghai or same level
5 star Hotel = Radisson Blu Hotel Shanghai New World or same level

All the above hotels are located in downtown area with good traffic for your convenience.

service package excludes:
fee for cable car on the Great Wall (optional)
tips to the guide and the driver

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3. Regulations of luggage on domestic flights in China. Passengers can take one small piece of carry-on (the volume of each luggage is within 20*40*55cm) weighed no more than 5 kgs and have a checked suitcase weighed no more than 20 kgs for free.You can make a consignment if your luggage is not within the required weight or size.

4. The price will be the same if go with the order adversely: Shanghai-Jiuzhaigou-Chengdu-Xian-Lanzhou-Urumqi-Beijing.

5.What time is the best for the travel in this tour?Does the tour go everyday?
These cities have four distinct seasons, each season all has different scenery.
Best time to go: March,April,May,June,July,August,September,October,November. we suggest you avoid Labor day (1st May-7th May) and National day (1st October-7th October), because on these days the train station and scenic spots both are very crowed.Yes, this tour package is daily departure. Early booking is highly suggested so that you can arrange all the tour details ahead of time and you will enjoy a well-prepared tour itinerary!

6. The price will be the same if go with the order adversely: Guangzhou(Hongkong)-Yunnan(Kunming,Lijiang,Shangri La)-Chengdu-Xian-Lanzhou-Urumqi 25 days 24 nights.

7. Can you offer us Vegetarian meals? If we want high class food, what would you recommend for us?
For Vegetrrian meals, Yes, we can arrange it for you without extra charge. For Halal/Muslim/Indian meals, we are very glad to arrange for you to enjoy it in some area. The extra fee is based on how many people you have.
Please feel free to ask us if you need it! Thanks!

8. What is the preferential policy for kid?

From age 1-2 years, usually enjoying more than 95% discount (share one bed with parent). From age 2-12 years (usually enjoying 10%-50% discount, Contact us by email or by phone for the actual discount for your case. 12 years old and above will be charged as Adult Price.

9. If our group size is very large, say: 15 ppl or more, can we get a special discount from you?
Yes, of course! More people more discount! Welcome to organize your friends and relatives and discover our beautiful country!

10, We want to book your tour CT-PT25D-A How long does it take to get a confirmation from you after we send you a booking E-mail with my information?
Thanks for choosing will send you confirmation within 1-24 hours after all details arranged. If you don't receive any reply in time, you can try to send again or send by the following E-mail address: so that we can ensure to provide efficient service for you. Thanks a lot.

How to Book my China Tour now?

Thanks for choosing
Our service aim : Is to make friends, build up friendship and enjoy the travel !

Reserve This Tour
Please send the following information to us:

1. Travelers' names on passport and passport numbers
2. Travelers' International Flight numbers
3. Number of Travelers
4. Tour Date

5. Tour Code: CT-PT25D-A
Once received your above information, we will start to arrange tour details according to your request. Confirmation will be sent to you within 24 hours when all tour details arranged .

Easy Booking on Line ! Reply you within 10mins - 24hrs !

Grand China Tour !
Deluxe China Tour 20 days Hongkong-Guilin-Shanghai-Mt.Huang-Xian-Beijing
from US$3580
Amazing China : 18 days Beijing-Xian-Yunnan,Shangrila-Guilin,Yangshuo-Shanghai
from US$2354
Best of China: 16 days Shanghai -Yangtze Cruise -Guilin,Yangshuo -Xian -Beijing
from US$1721
Best of China: 15 days Beijing -Xian -Guilin,Yangshuo-Yangtze Cruise - Shanghai
from US$1721
Silk Road China:12 days Beijing-Urumqi-Turpan-Dunhuang-Lanzhou-Xian-Beijing
from US$1569
Silk Road China:14 days Beijing-Urumqi-Turpan-Dunhuang-Lanzhou-Xian-Shanghai
from US$1827
Essence of China:12 days Beijing -Xian -Guilin , Yangshuo - Shanghai,Suzhou
from US$1190
Essence of China:11 days Beijing -Xian -Guilin, Yangshuo - Shanghai
from US$1190
Wonderful China:12 days Beijing -Xian - Shanghai, Suzhou,Hangzhou
from US$1019
Wonderful China:11 days Beijing -Xian - Shanghai, Suzhou,Zhouzhuang
from US$ 933
Wonderful China:10 days Beijing -Xian - Shanghai, Suzhou,Zhouzhuang
from US$ 685
Wonderful China : 9 days Beijing -Xian - Shanghai, Suzhou,Zhouzhuang
from US$ 601
Wonderful China : 8 days Beijing -Xian -Shanghai
from US$ 597
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